Common Eye Injuries After a Northwest Indiana Car Accident

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It’s estimated that 300,000 Americans suffer from eye injuries brought on by car accidents on a yearly basis. The eye is a sensitive organ which, if injured, can lead to temporary or permanent vision loss. Car accidents in Northwest Indiana can lead to different types of eye injuries, all of which should be treated as medical emergencies necessitating a visit to the ER.

Here’s an overview of some of the most common eye injuries after a car accident:

  • Corneal abrasions: This refers to the scratching of the outer, transparent front part of the eye. This usually happens due to dust, glass, or metal coming into contact with your cornea during a car accident. This can lead to eye pain, sensitivity to light, squinting, rapid blinking and swelling. You will need to have the offending object removed in order to recover from a corneal abrasion
  • Orbital fracture: This refers to bone breakage around the eye socket. This can be caused by blunt force trauma such as hitting your head on the dashboard, and even the airbag deploying in an excessively forceful manner. This type of injury can affect the nerves around the eye, and has been known to cause temporary or even permanent loss of vision.
  • Traumatic maculopathy: This refers to a retinal injury or the vessels which enrich the retina with blood and nutrients. Your retina is responsible for transmitting images and then transforming them into messages which the brain then decodes. Due to the fact that this is a serious injury, permanent vision loss may occur.
  • Hyphema: This is a medical emergency which happens when blood floods the eye’s anterior chamber. This usually presents itself as a bloody eye ball, and must be treated immediately to prevent eye loss.
    Eyelid laceration: This refers to an eyelid cut which can be caused by sharp debris flying into your field of vision.

Eye Injury Lawyer in Northwest Indiana

Your eyes are precious, and cannot be replaced by functional eyes should you suffer vision loss on account of a Northwest Indiana accident. If someone else caused your accident, then they should pay you for your hospital costs, lost wages, the cost of repairing or replacing your car as well as pain and suffering. Please call our Northwest Indiana eye injury attorney today on 877-561-3004 for your 100% free consultation regarding your legal options for compensation.