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Brain surgery is considered to be one of the riskiest forms of surgeries available due to the potential for injuries on a very sensitive organ which houses one’s personality, and in some schools of thought, consciousness. As the master controller, the brain is responsible for pretty much every biological process, and must be handled with care in a medical or surgery setting. To this end, surgical instruments, whether manual or digitized must be up to par and functional at all times, leaving no room for error. A very popular probe used in the burning off or cutting off of tumors and other growths within the brain has recently come under fire for malfunctioning, putting the lives of patients at risk.

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FDA NeuroBlate Probe Recall

The Monteris Medical Neuroblate probe was recently the subject of a Class 1 FDA recall, the most severe form of recall, due to the fact that it was discovered that the device could malfunction and release carbon monoxide, a cooling agent, into surrounding brain tissue during surgery, thereby potentially causing brain damage. The company that makes the product, Monteris Medical, issued a voluntary recall late last year. In addition, 52 devices were part of the recall notice, and one man died after suffering from a hemorrhage due to device malfunction. Affected devices were sold in North America between April 2013 and July 2017, and product codes include GEX and HAW.

FDA To Healthcare Providers – Use Alternatives

The FDA has informed healthcare providers across the countries to be aware of the gravity of a class 1 recall, and advised them to treat patients with alternative procedures where they are available. In addition, device manufacturers have been asked to comply with Medical Device Reporting regulations, and should promptly report any and all adverse events so that the FDA can have a better understanding of the risks that come with medical devices of this nature as a whole.

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