Parkinson’s Drug Linked to Deaths – How You Can Fight Back if Affected

Parkinson’s disease is said to affect over 1 million Americans who will eventually lose their ability to accurately perceive reality and engage with the world due the devastating side effects associated with this disease. This is a neurological movement disorder caused by the death of dopamine neurons which are responsible for movement or locomotion, as well as certain behaviors such as inhibition, eating, as well as autonomous nervous system functioning. Parkinson’s disease has a strong hereditary link, and it is thought that a certain lifestyle may promote its development, even when one doesn’t have members of the family, past or present, who may have or have had the condition.

Are you looking for an attorney who handles Parkinson’s drug lawsuit? One such drug, Nuplazid, has been shown to cause sudden death in patients that take it. The drug, which didn’t go through adequate testing, has killed over 700 individuals, and has been shown to cause severe and unreasonable side-effects. If you or a loved one have been hurt by Nuplazid, you may be able to file a Parkinson’s drug lawsuit to recover money damages. Please give us a call NOW at 1 (773) 825-3547 for more information on the filing process as well as what you stand to gain as far as compensation is concerned.

Nuplazid Drug Development and Launch

Nuplazid is manufactured by Acadia Pharmaceuticals, and it is approved to treat psychosis that usually accompanies Parkinson’s disease.  It is an atypical antipsychotic, and it selectively antagonizes or turns off dopamine receptors while boosting the production of serotonin. Nuplazid received FDA approval after a 6-week study which involved 200 patients, an anomaly because drug studies can take a few months to a couple years. However, Nuplazid was seen as a breakthrough drug because of how effective it was during trials that it received expedited release so it could begin to offer patients much-needed relief as fast as possible. Breakthrough therapy in the psychopharmaceutical world is a category that was created by Congress back in 2012 which is a designation that is given to drugs that hold extraordinary promise with regard to treating debilitating conditions.

Nuplazid Side-Effects

It is interesting to note that not all doctors involved in the Nuplazid study agreed about having it released within such a short amount of time. Dr. Paul Andreason, who works with the FDA as a board member of the medical review committee, had his own misgivings about the drug. He cautioned industry players as well as the government agency that individuals taking Nuplazid would have twice as many side-effects than normal as was indicated in the clinical trials. However, the majority vote to have it approved stood at 12-2, and it was made available for purchase in June of 2016. After just a year, Nuplazid brought in a profit of $125 million for its parent company, Acadia Pharmaceuticals.

Parkinson’s Drug Kills Over 700

However, the Nuplazid success story soon turned awry when hundreds started to die in 2017, and thousands more started experiencing worsening symptoms such as an increase in hallucinations, nightmares, confusion, irregular heart rhythm and muscle injury. To date, over 700 people have died from taking the breakthrough drug Nuplazid, and many more have suffered severe, and sometimes irreversible side-effects after taking this atypical antipsychotic.

Nuplazid Cost

A patient has to pay $100 a day to afford Nuplazid treatment, meaning that a years’ worth of treatment may cost upwards of $30,000 or more, depending on what kind of health insurance they have. Acadia Pharmaceuticals, on the other hand, expects to make a 200 percent profit from this drug in 2018, and has no plans of issuing a Parkinson’s drug recall. In fact, Acadia is currently looking to have the drug approved to treat dementia, which is said to affect a larger number of people compared to Alzheimer’s.

Parkinson’s Drug May Increase Hallucinations Frequency

Individuals who take Nuplazid may start to see an increase in auditory and visual hallucinations, and may suffer from long QT syndrome, a condition characterized by slow heart rhythm, arrhythmia, fainting, seizures and even death.

Nuplazid – Grounds for Filing a Parkinson’s Drug Lawsuit

It is alleged that Acadia Pharmaceuticals failed in its duty to protect patients like you from the unreasonably adverse effects of this medication. Nuplazid lawsuits are founded on the fact that Acadia Pharmaceuticals manufactured as well as marketed a drug that has been shown to be unreasonably dangerous, and released it to patients and doctors while having the knowledge about how dangerous this drug could be. Acadia Pharmaceuticals also continued to market and produce Nuplazid even after it heard about the adverse side-effects and the substantial numbers of deaths following medication use, and they failed to warn you as well as doctors about the severe side-effects seen with Nuplazid use. To this end, you may be able to file a Parkinson’s drug lawsuit in order to collect money damages to help you or your loved one take care of present and future medical bills, ease your their pain and suffering and, in the case of a Parkinson’s drug-related death, compensate your family via a wrongful death claim.

Parkinson’s Disease Class Action Lawsuit Help

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