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Product liability cases run the gamut and can range from defective car seats to bad drugs. If you’re an injured individual looking to hire best product liability attorney, it is important to brush up on your knowledge of this area of the law before you engage an injury law firm so you know what to expect and have a clear picture of the laws surrounding these types of cases from start to finish.

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Here are a few definitions and starter questions you must be aware of:

  1. What is product liability?

This is basically a type of personal injury case that makes it possible for you to seek monetary damages for any and all injuries that resulted from a malfunctioning or defective product.

  1. What legal conditions need to exist to make a defective product lawsuit valid?

While every state has a variation of product liability laws, defective product lawsuits must show that the product used by a plaintiff was unsafe at the time of use and could potentially cause harm when used in a reasonable manner. In a lot of these cases, the defendant will try their best to defend themselves by claiming that you were using the product improperly which resulted in your injuries.

  1. What’s a failure to warn in product liability lawsuits?

This is basically a condition where a manufacturer fails to warn you, the consumer about the potential for a product to be dangerous or fails to provide clear instructions on the proper use of a product. Failure to warn cases usually include things like the lack of a bold sticker or printed text on a product which is easy to read, providing adequate warning to you, the consumer, about the risk of death or serious injury should the product be improperly used.

  1. Who’s liable for defective product claims?

Typically, you can include multiple parties such as the product’s manufacturer, seller and distributer, apportioning strict liability to each of these parties for the injuries you or a loved one sustained due to a defective product.

  1. If I sustained an injury due to a product that was clearly defective, why should I hire an attorney?

In order to win product liability claims, you’ll need to furnish proof of the existence of a defect which led to your injuries, and that your injuries were a direct result of the defective product. A product liability attorney will help collate evidence to prove this, and they will provide you with a damage valuation which is usually not something a layman can come up with or rely on insurance companies for due to their propensity for lowballing claimants. In addition, the courts provide you with only one chance to recover damages, which may spell a lifetime of astronomical bills if you decide to represent yourself as an injured individual and lose.

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