Talc Asbestos Contamination – Hundreds of Thousands at Risk for Mesothelioma

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Mesothelioma is an aggressive form of lung, abdominal and heart lining cancer with an unfavorable prognosis – most individuals that are diagnosed with it die within a few months or years. It affects the tissue lining found in these three organs, and it has no known cure to date. This cancer has been in the news for quite some time now due to its association with asbestos, a fibrous organic material which has been shown to be carcinogenic with sustained exposure. Recently, Johnson & Johnson won a case where individuals suing the company alleged that its bath and body products had the potential to cause ovarian cancer in women. However, a New Jersey couple, acting on the advisement of their attorney, filed a claim which showed the connection between this powder and the development of mesothelioma, reawakening the controversy surrouding talc products.

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Is There Asbestos in Talcum Powder?

Talcum powder, also called talc, is one of the softest minerals on earth, consisting of hydrated magnesium silicate compounds. Talc asbestos contamination is a common concern for savvy consumers who may have heard about the ovarian cancer talc connection. What a lot of people don’t know is the fact that talc and asbestos mines are usually found in the same vicinity, allowing for cross contamination. Johnson & Johnson is vehement that they test all their batches for contamination, but history has shown us that this is a company that has mastered the art of deception and slick PR by way of hidden documents dating back to the 60’s and 70’s which were revealed just a few years back.

In revealed documents dating back to the 80’s, a Harvard doctor remarked that animal studies showed that the powder, which was contaminated by small flecks of asbestos, was causing ovarian tumors in women. Johnson & Johnson, however, decided not to give the research papers any credence, and did not act on the recommendations of the doctor who was in charge of research studies. History tends to repeat itself, so it would be foolhardy for Johnson & Johnson baby powder users to believe the current statement released by the company’s representatives.

Talc Asbestos Contamination – Study Reveals Unassailable Evidence

A study that came out in 2014 done by the Internal Journal of Occupational and Environmental health showed that inhaling asbestos contained in tainted talc likely contributed to or caused mesothelioma in individuals that use said product. In addition, the American Cancer Society reaffirmed the results of this study, stating that asbestos in talc can indeed cause mesothelioma.

Talc asbestos contamination may be present in the following products:

  1. Johnson’s Baby Powder
  2. Cashmere Bouquet Body Talc
  3. Desert Flower Dusting Powder
  4. Coty Airspun Face Powder
  5. Old Spice Talcum Powder
  6. Yardley Invisible Talc
  7. Mennen Shave Talc

New Jersey Man Wins Landmark Talc Asbestos Case – Awarded $117 Million

A New Jersey man was unaware that there was asbestos in talc products and continued to use them for a period of over 30 years. Stephen Lanzo III, of Verona, New Jersey, stated that Johnson & Johnson knew about the inherent risk of their product, yet it continued to manufacture, market and sell it, failing to inform consumers who would have had a chance to make a decision on whether or not they would like to continue using their products in keeping with the risk. The trial, which began late in January, concluded at the start of April with the jury awarding $37 million to the mesothelioma-stricken man. Attorneys representing Johnson & Johnson said they were disappointed with the decision, and that the products Mr. Lanzo used did not contain asbestos, adding that the plaintiffs used faulty methods to determine the presence of asbestos. They also noted that the plaintiff grew up in a building which at one time had its basement pipes treated with asbestos.

A week later, the jury awarded Mr. Lanzo $80 million in punitive damages which would be split between Johnson & Johnson and Imerys, the defendants named in the suit.

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The final word? The Johnson and Johnson baby powder asbestos debacle isn’t going anywhere, and asbestos in talc products has been a boil waiting to lanced open. Research from decades back is now coming to the foreground, and victims all over the country have been caught in the headlights of systemic deception and subsequent revelation. If you or a loved one contracted mesothelioma from talc in makeup, or any other personal hygiene powder products, you may be eligible for substantial damages.

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