Will I Walk Again After Spinal Cord Injury? More Inside

Spinal Cord Injury

The thought of walking again after spinal cord injury seems like a pipe dream for patients, but nothing is truly impossible if you do sufficient research and exhaust the options we have at the moment. Thanks to the wonders of science and modern medicine, individuals with spinal cord injury may one day be able to walk again through the use of certain technologies and therapies. That said, it is important to maintain a positive mindset as this is what will keep you going even when things seem bleak and impossible. Spinal cord injury doesn’t mean that your life is over: it is just a bump in the road, and it might propel you to heights you never knew existed if you persist and believe in the power of the mind, science and research.

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Here are some of the treatment options available for spinal cord injury patients:

  1. Physical Therapy

This refers to the manipulation of limbs in order to get the individual to relearn some of the movements that they may have lost as a result of their spinal cord injury. Physical therapy after spinal cord injury is necessary as it reestablishes the neural connections between your body and brain over time, helping you overcome the paralysis and weakness you may have felt as a result of your injury. It must be done on a regular basis, and regular practice and commitment without missing a day will make you walk faster as every time you go for your physical therapy class, you’re creating stronger and stronger neural pathways.

  1. Electrical Stimulation

It may sound strange, but electrical stimulation whereby a physician sends electrical currents to the site of the spinal cord injury jolts the body back into action. Due to the severing of nerves, the electrical currents that once used to flow so easily are unable to pass past a certain point. The electrical currents involved in epidural electrical simulation replace the brain signals one usually receives, making it possible to stimulate your muscles that lie beneath your injury, waking them up so they can contract and help you move again.

  1. Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy treatment is a newcomer when it comes to spinal cord injury rehabilitation and it may make it possible for people to walk again. Stem cells are injected at the injury site, and they go to work at restoring neural connections, repairing any cellular damage, and stimulating the growth of new neurons. Stem cell treatment for spinal cord injury also has the intended effect lowering inflammation and scarring, as well as switching off oxidative stress which is thought to contribute to further damage to the spinal cord.

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